Be like him (and be like me)

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how gratifying it would be if you would become somewhat like him.

If you would be generous with everyone and good at giving gifts like he is, but also know that kindness, actions, and caring are considered gifts, as I like to think.

It would be great if you would work hard but are also able to give yourself a break and have hobbies like he does. You know it is tougher for me to just lay down and rest for a while.

I hope you have many friends like I do, but I wish you choose your circle of trust wisely like he does.

It would be helpful if you would be street smart like him but give your opinion only when you are sure about your stuff, like me.

I would be excited if you turn out to be upfront and raw honest like him but know that being tactful, as I try to be, will strengthen every relationship you have.

It would be awesome if you were punctual like he is but allow yourself to be fashionably late like me.

He is solution-oriented and works fast to achieve what he needs or wants, as I wish you always do, but make sure you stop and breath. Make sure to pause and appreciate, take everything in. The good and the bad, as I remind myself to do every day.

I wish you are authentic and open-minded like him and embrace diversity like we both do.

It would be wonderful if someday you hide in a dark place at night with a flashlight to read, like your father used to do when he was a kid; reading is a way to realize how you really feel about the world. I also wish you would enjoy writing every once in a while, like I love to do, because that is a way for you to find out who you are in this world.

I know you might not know this, but you will soon realize your dad and I are like salt and pepper. We think differently and many of our interests are different. The one thing we have in common every single day of our lives is our unconditional love for each other and for you. Know that we only do what we consider is best for you. And only that.

We, in a way, season your life, but some things we’ll teach you work best for a particular recipe. You will need to apply them intelligently in the circumstances you encounter in life.

Today my hope is that when you both grow up you get to be in some ways like your father, because he is one of the best men I know.

Happy Father’s Day my love.
From the woman that made you be one.

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