mom vs dad

Life is not fair
We do not have fishing trips twice a year
Or Sunday football games
Or get from work and have a veggie laying moment in the couch

Sometimes I get so jealous
I have not woken up past 6:30 am for more than 4 years ago.
I hate feeling this inequality sometimes
For us, work never ends
Sleep is not a commodity

It is true
Life is not fair
Men will never feel their child doing yoga inside of them, or kick boxing… it depends.
Men will never be able to create miracle fluids to feed them
And as lame and feminist as it sounds
Dads will never be moms.

As you may gather, I was a bit angry when I wrote this a couple of months ago. Maybe not really angry, but tired (“toddler mom tired” which I am sure many of you can relate). At the moment I was upset with my husband (he probably didn’t even know), I just vented about it and immediately felt better. I realized through the words I was writing how different mothers and fathers are and the way we are built up for parenting. It should never be a competition; it is teamwork what we should embrace and work on to raise kind, happy, strong and healthy children (emotionally and physically).

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  1. Ana, qué sincero y lindo tu post! Me imagino que muchas mamás se identifican contigo y el simple hecho de escribirlo y releerlo, empodera. Mujeres y hombres, tenemos mucho que hacer en este mundo.

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